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Your Coin History



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Learn about the history of your souvenir coin!


Your coin year: 1964

Famous events:

Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa (June 11).


In the USA, The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.

What else was happening in the world in this year?

This was another quiet year in space history, with both nations preparing for the new age of moon exploration that was to come.


However, space scientists were still very busy, with projects such as the USA's Ranger 7, which was the very first satellite to take up-close images of the moon.


Interesting fact:

The year after:

The year before:

The dark side of the moon is exactly that!  We can't see it from Earth because it is always pointing away, and we only know what it looks like because we have sent probes to fly around it!

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