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Learn about the history of your souvenir coin!


Your coin year: 1940

The year before:

The year after:

Famous dates in this year:

The children in this year witnessed the 'Battle of Britain' above their heads, as the British fighters tried to shoot down the German fighters and bomber planes.   This also meant that souvenir collecting was very popular, with bullets, plane parts and shrapnel (parts of anti-aircraft shells) being collected and swapped by boys and girls.

What was life like for a WW2 child in this year?

8th January 1940: UK introduces rationing.


10th May 1940: Germany invades France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands.


10th May 1940: Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister on  the same day that Germany invades France, Belgium and the Netherlands


14th May 1940: The Home Guard is formed.


26th May-4th June 1940: 250,000 British troops are evacuated from a small seaside town in France called 'Dunkirk'.


10th July-17th September 1940: The Battle of Britain.

Many boys and girls took great pride in collecting metal to take for recycling into plane parts.  There were even rewards of small badges or sweets for the best collectors!

What happened in the war in this year?

In this second year of the war, Germany invaded a lot of the countries in mainland Europe and also tried to attack Britain in 'Operation Sealion', until the British Royal Air Force in their Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes stopped the attack in the famous 'Battle of Britain.  The 'blitz' also began in September, claiming may thousands of lives.

Second World War random fact: