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Learn about the history of your souvenir coin!


Your coin year: 1939

The year after:

Famous dates in this year:

As in many of the war years, the events in the war were both scary and also exciting for a child.    Many of the evacuated children found their new country homes to be great fun, while others had a harder time and missed their parents a lot.

Another problem was that families were being split up in other ways, such as when fathers or brothers went away to the war, meaning that sometimes there was only the mother left alone on her own in the city!

What was life like for a WW2 child in this year?

31st August 1939: Operation 'Pied Piper' begins, with the evacuation of over 2 million children away from British cities to the safety of the countryside, to keep them safe from air raids.


1st September 1930: Germany invades Poland.


3rd September 1939: Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister, makes an announcement to the nation to say that the country is at war with Germany.


30th September 1939: Identity cards are introduced for UK citizens for the first time since World War One.

The Home Guard were a force of volunteers set up to defend the country.  They had many home made weapons including one that used a balloon filled with explosive!

What happened in the war in this year?

The Second World War began in this year after Germany invaded Poland.  The German leader, Adolf Hitler, didn't expect the British people to declare war so it took him by surprise.  As soon as war was declared the British government started putting plans to protect the people into action, such as evacuating children from the cities and calling up the troops ready to fight.

Second World War random fact: