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Your Coin History



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Learn about the history of your souvenir coin!


Your coin year: 1896

The year before:

The year after:

Famous events:

A housekeeper earned 84p  a week, which was 16 shillings and 11 pence in Victorian money.


(click here to learn more about British money before 1971).

How much people did people earn?

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, dies, leaving all of his money to a prize fund called ‘The Nobel Prizes’.  They still exist today and include the most famous, the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’.


The windows in a Victorian school were high up to stop pupils looking out of the window and the rooms were lit by gaslights. This made the rooms very dark and stuffy.


Victorian fact:

The idea of the speeding fine is invented.  The first person prosecuted is Walter Arnold, from Kent, who is fined one shilling for going at 8mph, 4 times the speed limit of 2mph.

Queen Victoria's age and reign:

Queen Victoria was 77 years old on the 24th May and had been Queen for 59 years.