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Your Coin History



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Learn about the history of your souvenir coin!


Your coin year: 1846

Famous events:

A housekeeper earned 56p a week, which was 11 shillings, 2 pence in Victorian money


(click here to learn more about British money before 1971).

How much people did people earn?

The planet Neptune is discovered in this year by two scientists,  the French astronomer Urbain Le Verrier and the British astronomer John Couch Adams, who spend the whole year arguing about who found it first.


Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, loved to be involved in inventions and new building projects.  He was responsible for the building of the first large public sewage treatment works in London and had it built it in the style of an exotic temple.

Victorian fact:

Elias Howe invented the first ever sewing machine, which enabled clothes to be made much more cheaply and quickly than by hand.

The year before:

The year after:

Queen Victoria's age and reign:

Queen Victoria was 27 years old on the 24th May and had been Queen for 9 years when their fifth child, Princess Helena, is born.