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Your Coin History



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Learn about the history of your souvenir coin!


Let your pupils take part in a brilliant historical learning adventure by researching the date of their very own genuine souvenir coin!

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The rest is up to you!  Whether you choose to use it as a class activity to consolidate learning, or as a homework task to share your pupils' learning with their parents is completely your choice that can be tailored of course to your needs.


This site is just one of our teaching services that include other primary school workshops such as our WW2 Blitz school workshop, Victorian Inventions workshop, Primary science workshops and KS2 sword fencing days so feel free to check them out to see how we can add a wow into your school day.  


Happy learning for now!


Mr B, The school workshop man


Would you like your pupils to learn more about history with an actual genuine primary source that is theirs to keep?  Well now you can with our brilliant coin research resource, designed especially for UK schools.   Just buy your coins here for either the Victorian, WW1 or WW2 history topics and set your pupils on a fantastic learning journey in school or at home with parents.


Each coin comes with a slip of paper with a link to this site so that pupils can find out exactly what happened in the year it was made, including details such as famous people, inventions, how much people earned and much more!

PUPILS START HERE!    is your coin ..     VICTORIAN?              FROM WW1?           FROM WW2?